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Imagine a place with an everlasting temperate climate, with 350 days of sunshine every year, surrounded by a volcanic landscape, absolutely spectacular, beginning with its impressive Atlantic coast, to the green peaks of its World Heritage forest. Imagine, too, that you stay at a small, familiar complex, taken care of by their owners, with a sense of tranquility and peace that fills each of its corners. Close your eyes, and listen to the murmur of the waves breaking a few meters away from your room. Can you also hear the whisper of the numerous palms that surround you? Casting a thick and cool shadow over the complex. Hundreds of birds have also chosen this place.
Outside, a small village of fishermen and farmers can be explored, humble people working, willing to listen and to be heard. With whom you can share their kitchen, dances, and traditions…
This place exists: it is called Punta Marina, and we are waiting for you.