Route A (Tenerife to La Gomera by ferry) & Route B (Tenerife to La Gomera by plane)


Route A:
1. Get to Tenerife, preferably to the South
2. Go to the harbor city (Los Cristianos):
  • If you arrive to Tenerife South, these bus lines ( go to Los Cristianos: 451, 450, 111, 343
  • If you arrive to Tenerife North, this bus line goes to los Cristianos: 343
3. Go from the bus station to the harbour:
4. Take a ferry to San Sebastián or to Valle Gran Rey directly. There are two ferry lines:
5. From San Sebastián, take the bus to Valle Gran Rey; the bus departs from the harbor directly. Stop in “La Puntilla” and walk to Punta Marina:
6. From the harbor in Valle Gran Rey, walk to Punta Marina:

Route B
1. If you landed in Airport South, you can take this bus line to Airport North: 343 (
2. Book your flight from Airport North to Santiago (La Gomera) here:
3. From Santiago Airport to Valle Gran Rey, take this bus line:
This bus takes off upon flight arrival. Stop in “La Puntilla” and walk to Punta Marina.
Bus lines in Tenerife:
Bus lines in La Gomera: